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Information of FSSAI Certificate

information about FSSAI Certificate ?

The FSSAI certificate is a license granted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to ensure that food products sold or distributed in India meet certain safety and quality standards. This certificate is essential for food business operators (FBOs) in India, including manufacturers, traders, restaurants, and other entities involved in the food supply chain.

Having an FSSAI certificate indicates that the food business complies with the regulations and standards set by the FSSAI, ensuring the safety and quality of the food products. It involves various parameters such as hygiene standards, food safety management systems, and compliance with labelling requirements.

Businesses can apply for different types of FSSAI licenses depending on the size and nature of their operations.

These licenses include:

  • Registration:

    For small-scale food businesses such as petty food manufacturers, small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc.
  • State License:

    For medium-sized food businesses operating within one state.
  • Central License:

    For large-scale food businesses operating in multiple states or engaging in import-export of food products.

FSSAI certificates need to be renewed periodically as per the regulations, typically every 1 to 5 years depending on the type of license.

It's important for businesses to obtain and maintain their FSSAI certificate to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and to gain the trust of consumers. Failure to comply with FSSAI regulations can result in penalties, including fines and even closure of the business.

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