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Information of IEC Certificate

information about iec certificate ?

An IEC is a 10-character alpha-numeric number allotted to a person that is mandatory for undertaking any export/import activities. With a view to maintain the unique identity of an entity (firm/company/LLP etc.), consequent upon introduction/implementation of GST, IEC will be equal to PAN and will be separately issued by DGFT based on an application.

IEC Info :

  • Application for obtaining IEC may be filed online in ANF 2A with applicable fees and submitted with digital signature.
  • When an e-IEC is approved by the competent authority, applicant is informed through e-mail that a computer generated e-IEC is available on the DGFT website. By clicking on “Application Status” after having filled and submitted the requisite details in “Online IEC Application” webpage, applicant can view and print his e-IEC.
  • The applicant may submiton line application with the following details / documents (scanned copies to be submitted/ uploaded) along with the IEC application:
  • Digital photograph of the signatory applicant;
  • Copy of the PAN card of the business entity in whose name Import/Export would be done (Applicant individual in case of Proprietorship firms);
  • Cancelled cheque bearing entity’s pre-printed name or Bank certificateinprescribedformatANF-2A(I)
  • For modification in IEC, applicants may submit online application through digital signature (Class-II or Class-III), by paying applicable fees and uploading requisite documents, corresponding to the changes sought.

No Export/Import without IEC:

  • 1 No export or import shall be made by any person without obtaining an IEC number unless specifically exempted.
  • 2 Exempt categories and corresponding permanent IEC numbers are given in Para 2.07 of Handbook of Procedures.

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Only one IEC shall be issued against a single PAN. Multiple IECs against a single PAN stands deactivated suo-motu after 31.03.2015.

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Surrender of IEC

If an IEC holder does not wish to operate allotted IEC, he may surrender the same to the issuing authority. On receipt, the issuing authority shall immediately cancel the IEC and electronically transmit it to DGFT and Customs authorities.

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Modification of IEC

  1. Modifications in e-IEC’s/ IEC’s can be done online only. Applicants seeking modification in their IEC’s may log on to dgft.nic.in and click on Importer Exporter Code (IEC) under Quick Links and select “Modify your IEC” to amend their e-IEC’s and IEC’s in physical format by paying requisite fees and submitting requisite documents to the concerned jurisdictional RA, from where IEC was originally issued. List of RAs, along with their jurisdiction is given in Appendix 1A.
  2. An application for modification may be made for change in details like name, address, constitution, ownership in Proprietorship firms, change in nature of the firm e.g. from proprietorship to partnership etc.
  3. RAs shall consider applications seeking modification in IEC, involving change in PAN, by ensuring that liabilities of the previous applicant/applicant firm are transferred to the new applicant/applicant firm whose PAN will be reflecting in the modified IEC. RAs must also share the modified IEC, with the changed PAN incorporated in it, with all concerned authorities.
  4. RAs shall also take cognizance of the applications digitally signed by power of attorney holders/authorized signatories.

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Modifications/ Change in Branch Office/ Head Office/ Registered Office Address in IEC involving a shift in jurisdictional RA

When an IEC holder seeks modification/ Change of Branch Office/ Head Office/Registered Office address in its IEC and which involves a shift in its jurisdictional RA, a request to that effect will have to be made to RA concerned under whose jurisdiction the applicant exists. On the basis of this request, the RA (Custodian of the IEC File till now) will process such requests and amend IEC, if found appropriate, under intimation to the RA under whose jurisdiction the applicant wants transfer. The new RA shall allow the person in its new address to carry out necessary functions and also apply for eligible benefits as per FTP.

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